There are so many types of videos that can be used in a business to build a presence and create income.

  • Website videos
  • Promotional video production
  • Explainer videos
  • Education based marketing
  • Product demonstrations
  • Client follow up and communication
  • Live events
  • Online presentations
  • News updates
In every case, you need to connect with your customers and enter the conversation in their heads in order to influence their buying emotions.

We get you to answer a few questions about your customers, then do our own independent research of your industry and competitors. Armed with this information, we create powerful scripts that build trust and authority in you and your brand.

This is a critical part of the web video production process and one that is often taken lightly, resulting in visually stunning videos that entertain the customer, but don’t influence them to take action.

But that’s not to say our videos aren’t visually stunning as well…we can use photos, graphics and video that you provide, or we can film and source it all for you.

The key is for us to understand your customer and know what type of video will create the best results for you.

So, once you have the perfect video for your market…what next?

Take that one video and blast it online in the places where your ideal customers are looking. Not sure where that is? We can show you.

Depending on the type of video you require, we may be able to work entirely online…whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, or the Gold Coast, we can deliver.