There are a lot of people who claim to be video marketers, but the reality is that most don’t understand how video actually fits into an online/offline business model to generate income.

We have used video to create income for our clients in a wide range of markets, and used many different strategies and techniques to do so.

But the core principles are the same for every market. You absolutely must know…

  • Who your customer is
  • Where they congregate online
  • What they are searching for
  • What are their pains?
  • What are their pleasures?
  • What are their likely objections?

When armed with this information, you can reach your ideal customers and have a meaningful conversation through video.

An effective online presence is all about building trust and authority with your customers, and nothing does that better than video.

We’ll help you get your video in front of your existing customers and social media followers, be optimised for search engines like Google and YouTube, and reach an audience of people you didn’t even know existed online.

We’ve used all the tools and we know how they work for both local and online business to build a presence, and turn leads into income.

We can guide or provide a DIY system that you can implement in your business to reach more customers via…

  • Social media
  • Email list
  • Website/blog
  • Search engines
  • YouTube
  • Other video sites
  • Mobile marketing
  • JV partners

If you’re not using video in your business already, we urge you to contact us and find out how it can work for you.

We consult and provide video marketing services right across Australia…whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, or the Gold Coast, we can deliver.