Video Marketing – 80% of success is preparation


These days, many business owners have latched on to the (Live) Video trend but very few take the time to actually think about the fundamentals of any media used to connect with potential customers.

In our experience, business owners jump straight into the video process without preparing the message and attempting to connect with the customers deepest fears needs and desires.  In fact it’s a case of attempting as much as possible to feel what they feel and to enter the conversation in their head so that they are saying ‘yes’ to whatever you are portraying in your message.

Its not a sales process nor is it a ‘waste your time with look at me rubbish’.  It’s a process of providing value to them in the way that they want so that it enriches their lives.  But how do you prepare.

There are 4 basic steps

  1. Know your customers are and anticipate their needs, wants and hurts
  2. Know your own product intimately and its advantages and disadvantages
  3. Know your competition
  4. Know all the potential objections and have answers ready in advance

With all of that information in hand, you are now ready to record any video which can be directed at any of the points above.