How to connect with your ideal customer through video

dogs-watching-videoThe photo is a bit silly, but really illustrates of the way that people should connect through video to speak with their ideal customer (the dogs are enthralled by the other dog).

The camera is just a tool to record the message you are delivering to the market.  Too often people are using Facebook Live, videos on website etc etc without giving any thought to what they are saying and they believe that they are interesting to the community.

The way to use video effectively is to connect through the medium to your ideal customer and provide them something of VALUE to THEM.  The way to do this (no matter what type of video you are taking is to)

  1. Really think about what you are saying and make sure it is valuable in whatever way the community wants on that platform. For example, short videos on Facebook (snippets for immediate entertainment) are probably not appropriate for YouTube (where people go to be entertained or get knowledge).  Craft your message appropriately;
  2. When you start your video connect by imagining someone you love (really love) on or through the screen. Feel it inside that you are producing a connection and providing the message to help their lives;
  3. Be passionate in whatever way it works for you and your personality and what your community anticipates.

And more than anything, practice, practice, practice – it will feel strange at first, but if you apply the 3 basic steps above you’ll soon be mastering video