5 essentials to creating successful videos


2017 will be the year of the video, and most people will get it totally wrong and affect their Brand (often badly).  You see, we are in a world of immediacy and if the content does not grab attention, then customers, clients and onlookers will move on quickly to the next ‘soundbite’.

How do you keep them engaged….

Its all in the preparation for ANY video, and that preparation may only be a one time event that you revisit often to make sure that you are feeling the pulse of the market.

There are 5 steps to EFFECTIVE preparation

  • Know your customers are and anticipate their needs, wants and hurts
  • Know your own product intimately and its advantages and disadvantages
  • Know your competition
  • Know all the potential objections and have answers ready in advance
  • Create a core story that connects with your ideal customers

Most business people see the tool, not the delivery as the end – however, the end is the connection with your customer and providing a solution to the problem that is troubling them.

As they say in sporting circles, perfect preparation = perfect performance, prepare well



Video Marketing – 80% of success is preparation


These days, many business owners have latched on to the (Live) Video trend but very few take the time to actually think about the fundamentals of any media used to connect with potential customers.

In our experience, business owners jump straight into the video process without preparing the message and attempting to connect with the customers deepest fears needs and desires.  In fact it’s a case of attempting as much as possible to feel what they feel and to enter the conversation in their head so that they are saying ‘yes’ to whatever you are portraying in your message.

Its not a sales process nor is it a ‘waste your time with look at me rubbish’.  It’s a process of providing value to them in the way that they want so that it enriches their lives.  But how do you prepare.

There are 4 basic steps

  1. Know your customers are and anticipate their needs, wants and hurts
  2. Know your own product intimately and its advantages and disadvantages
  3. Know your competition
  4. Know all the potential objections and have answers ready in advance

With all of that information in hand, you are now ready to record any video which can be directed at any of the points above.


How to connect with your ideal customer through video

dogs-watching-videoThe photo is a bit silly, but really illustrates of the way that people should connect through video to speak with their ideal customer (the dogs are enthralled by the other dog).

The camera is just a tool to record the message you are delivering to the market.  Too often people are using Facebook Live, videos on website etc etc without giving any thought to what they are saying and they believe that they are interesting to the community.

The way to use video effectively is to connect through the medium to your ideal customer and provide them something of VALUE to THEM.  The way to do this (no matter what type of video you are taking is to)

  1. Really think about what you are saying and make sure it is valuable in whatever way the community wants on that platform. For example, short videos on Facebook (snippets for immediate entertainment) are probably not appropriate for YouTube (where people go to be entertained or get knowledge).  Craft your message appropriately;
  2. When you start your video connect by imagining someone you love (really love) on or through the screen. Feel it inside that you are producing a connection and providing the message to help their lives;
  3. Be passionate in whatever way it works for you and your personality and what your community anticipates.

And more than anything, practice, practice, practice – it will feel strange at first, but if you apply the 3 basic steps above you’ll soon be mastering video

Where YouTube fits in a Business Marketing System using Video

It’s of course no secret that YouTube is becoming a tool that ANY business can use to generate leads and convert more sales…but how the heck does it work?
Like everything else online, it’s all about providing value. And to provide value you MUST start by understanding your customer and knowing what they want.
But how do you turn YouTube views into income? Watch this video

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How to create Raving Fan Clients on your Website

It’s not enough these days to simply have a brochure style website, you need to connect with your customers and have a conversation with them through your online presence.

When you enter the conversation in their heads and provide massive value in more ways than they can possibly expect, you will create raving fan clients who buy from you over and over again, and refer you to their friends.

Getting better website conversions is all about engaging your audience. The website system in this video shows how to take the customer on the journey to becoming a raving fan. Once you become the trusted expert in your market, your website conversion rates will improve dramatically.

If you need help with creating more raving fan clients, take a look around our YouTube channel or contact us to see how we can help you.

New Rich Online serves local and online businesses to get more traffic and make money online through video marketing. Justin Davis is one of the founders and video marketing Perth specialist.

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Journey Mapping in a Video Marketing System

A friend of mine connected with me this morning (he was at the Facebook conference recently) and gave me some really powerful insights into where the world is going in terms of online connection!

But as much as the technology changes, the fundamental way we communicate remains the same.

The only difference is HOW people want to receive information and at which stage.

In this video we run through JOURNEY MAPPING, a process which defines which videos and communication styles are appropriate at each stage.

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