5 essentials to creating successful videos


2017 will be the year of the video, and most people will get it totally wrong and affect their Brand (often badly).  You see, we are in a world of immediacy and if the content does not grab attention, then customers, clients and onlookers will move on quickly to the next ‘soundbite’.

How do you keep them engaged….

Its all in the preparation for ANY video, and that preparation may only be a one time event that you revisit often to make sure that you are feeling the pulse of the market.

There are 5 steps to EFFECTIVE preparation

  • Know your customers are and anticipate their needs, wants and hurts
  • Know your own product intimately and its advantages and disadvantages
  • Know your competition
  • Know all the potential objections and have answers ready in advance
  • Create a core story that connects with your ideal customers

Most business people see the tool, not the delivery as the end – however, the end is the connection with your customer and providing a solution to the problem that is troubling them.

As they say in sporting circles, perfect preparation = perfect performance, prepare well